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We spark emotions that change behavior.

Mentum is a marketing & advertising agency devoted to the health of healthcare brands.

How healthy is your brand?

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Take our free health screening for your brand and find out what health risks you may want to get checked out.

Our bag of marketing tools


How does your site look? We can optimize your most powerful sales tool.

Social Media

Make profitable connections with the right platforms.

Online Reputation

How do you appear online? Generate and manage more postive reviews.

Advertising & Awareness

Leverage the best sources for potential new patients to find you.

Video & Editing

Utilize the #1 motivational media online for brands online.

Radio Commercials

Get your brand known with the broad but targets reach in your area.

Search Engine Optimization

The tricks to be found online and on the first page.

Motivating Staff

Profit and quality of care start with staff who want to stay.

SWOT Analysis

Board-level data to help make meaningful decisions.

These are just a start. We are a full service agency. See all the ways we can improve the health of your brand:

Our latest work

AUS Prostate Cancer Center Video

Videos for Cancer Center

Written, produced, directed & edited by Mentum.

Sparrow Franchising Website 1

Brand Launch for Sparrow Franchising

New name, logo, website and social media.

Joanna Connor Music Video

Music Videos for Joanna Connor

Directed & edited by Mentum. Produced by Joe Bonamassa

We find the right emotions that will grow your business.

Laughter and tears help us understand and cope with difficult issues. They also inspire us to do incredible things. A quick burst of adrenalin or a simple flutter of the heart can trigger us to change our entire life.

We use emotions as tools or instruments to create the type of change or momentum that your brand needs. Sometimes it’s to make one specific area of your brand healthier. Sometimes it’s helping everything grow from head to toe.

Since we can’t do this all on our own, we work with a lot of immensely talented specialists to make this happen. Specialists in research, SEO, writing and design for instance.

If we get the opportunity to work with you, we want you to feel thrilled that you’re getting more appointments, bigger profit margins, greater awareness levels or whatever you have your sights set on. But the emotion we really want to evoke is one that will hopefully come from you and everyone you work with. Pride.

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We've been building  brands for over 30 years.

Healthcare is our passion now. But we didn't start out helping people lower their cholesterol, convincing them to screen for cancer or providing options for overactive bladders. In fact, just the opposite.

Client Testimonials

“Having founded Advanced Urology Associates 37 years ago, l can say our greatest and most rapid growth has taken place when we began working with Pete Griffith and Mentum who have been an integral partner in our recent success. In just two short years, we nearly tripled our revenue as well as increased the motivation and dedication of our employees. The broadening of our services and the expansion of our locations in that brief time period was made possible through his marketing efforts, dedication, and professionalism. It truly has become both a highly valued and extremely enjoyable relationship.”


Founder, Advanced Urology Associates

Mentum Creative is simply the bee’s knees!


VP, Community Relations, Alexian Brothers Hospital Network

Peter is a creative who is a buisness leader first. He was perhaps the key player in our turnaround and nothing motivates me to get every execution right as much as giving him and his team the proper recognition they deserve.


President, Long John Silver's, YUM! Brands

Peter is a unique creative leader. He is very strategic, extremely innovative, but also practical in his approach. I have watched him deliver amazing work for both big and small brands with equal amounts of energy and passion. He is a go-to resource for all digital/online creative. His team’s work is always fresh and innovative! I have worked on many projects and he always seems to deliver spectacular work, well beyond expectation, even under short time frames and less than perfect budgets!


U.S. Representative, Illinois's 3rd Congressional District

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