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For the last 10 years, we’ve specialized in healthcare marketing. We’ve connected 1,000s of patients to providers. But we’ve also connected 100s of providers with other providers.  And connecting multiple networks of medical staff who have never met each other, to each other.

Healthcare is our passion now. But we didn’t start out helping people lower their cholesterol, convincing them to screen for cancer or providing options for overactive bladders. In fact, just the opposite. We were winning Emmy’s and advertising awards for some of the world’s largest brands. And we have strong vitals in almost every area of marketing, including food & beverage, consumer goods & services and a healthy body of work as experts outside healthcare.

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Pete Griffith

Pete Griffith

President / Founder

Pete started Mentum after two decades of working as a Creative Director at some of the world's largest advertising agencies. His need to create exceptional work is driven 60% by the college tuitions of his three kids, 9% so he can go scuba diving somewhere he hasn’t been before and 1% to be able to afford a good bowl of ramen. The rest equally divided by both the desire to make people laugh and the fear of being laughed at. If you’re interested, his official resume can be gawked at here.

Over the last decade, some amazingly talented people have cobbled up some of the most creative and successful answers for our client’s toughest challenges. These are just some of those talented people. But there’s also a ton of photographers, editors, art directors, illustrators, musicians, cameramen, writers, SEO & brand strategy experts not shown here that helped make Mentum who we are today.

Our Philosophy

The goal of any work created for our clients is to generate the right emotions, from the right people, that will cause the right actions. The perfect formula for this has the right amount of logic and the right amount of emotion.  So what’s our secret sauce for doing that?

Yes, but what’s with the name Mentum?

When we started in 2009, Mentum was named P. Griffith Creative, LLC.

There’s a big yawner, huh?

The name was definitely from the ‘form follows function’ principle as most all of the agency’s work blossomed out of one person, Pete Griffith, the company’s founder. Pete was a big agency big-wig who leaped off the corporate treadmill to cobble a way for creative minds to work closer with clients. And despite the boring name, that formula seemed to work.

But then, as the client list and scope of projects grew, so did the number of creative minds working on them. No longer a one-man band, the name P. Griffith Creative LLC suddenly didn’t really represent what the company, or the work, was all about.

In comes Eric Lefton, a brilliant mind and account executive working with us. Eric noticed all our new clients saying they needed some sort of fresh momentum with their brands.

Momentum was a great new name we thought. So much so, it was already taken by a bunch of other advertising and marketing agencies. Bummer.

But it turns out, Mentum is actually a medical term for your chin. No joke. Your mandibular mentum is the latin term for your jaw’s chin. Which was somewhat ironic because not only had we started to specialize in healthcare marketing, but some of the unique obstacles in the field, and the fact we were little guys up against giants, made us feel like we were often taking it on our mandibular mentum. Ur, chin.

So with not much more thinking than that and possibly a few glasses of ridiculously smooth scotch, we dropped the ‘mo’ part of momentum and ended up with, you guessed it, ‘mentum’.

It is as simple and silly as that.

“We find really creative ways for the right brain and left brain to work together.”

Pete Griffith – Founder

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