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We have produced thousands of creative solutions for our clients. Here’s just a few. Scroll down to access our full portfolio archives vault. If you don’t see what you’re looking for after that, don’t worry. Just ask. There’s a good chance we have some to pull over the last 30 years.

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Back in our Michigan Avenue ad agency days, we were known to have knocked one or two out of the park. Some of these award winning campaigns now seem as archaic as a yahoo email address. But these blasts from the past moved a lot of business for a lot of our clients.

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The work on this page is just a small sample from our full portfolio archieves. Most of the work shown here was created by Mentum for Mentum clients. However, some of it may also be from before Mentum was established. This work was all done by and has been credited to Pete Griffth, working at the time as a creative director on the accounts at other agencies.