New Patients Case Study

 Advanced Urology Associates

A well-established urology practice was given notice they would instantly lose 19% of their patients referrals. This was due to a partnering physician group that was recently acquired by their competition. This new patient case study shows how we more than prevented that from happening.


Find new patients

We needed to fill the void from the impending loss of referrals, as well as hold back the new and larger competitor.  And oh, we needed to talk about topics nobody wants to talk about.


Humor Changed Behavior

Patients often avoid or feel uncomfortable talking about anything related to anything above the knees and below the belt. So we came up with a pant-wettingly funny rebranding campaign that didn’t tip-toe around these squeamish urology topics. This campaign refocused the client’s target audience away from the referring doctors and straight to the patients themselves. It also gave patients the ability to book their appointments directly and discreetly. We negated the dependence for referrals. We reduced the extra steps patients had to take to get the quality help they need.

AUA ad examples new patients case study
AUA ad examples 2
AUA ad examples new patients case study


A turnaround gain of 40% in billings far exceeding the loss in revenue that was anticipated by the loss of referrals, with the outlook of long-term, independent growth.

Having founded Advanced Urology Associates 37 years ago, l can say our greatest and most rapid growth has taken place when we began working with Pete Griffith and Mentum who have been an integral partner in our recent success. In just two short years, we nearly tripled our revenue as well as increased the motivation and dedication of our employees. The broadening of our services and the expansion of our locations in that brief time period was made possible through his marketing efforts, dedication, and professionalism. It truly has become both a highly valued and extremely enjoyable relationship.

DR. GREGORY A. LEWIS, Founder, Advanced Urology Associates

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