How healthy is your group or practice?

Please answer a few, quick questions. We will send you a list of business and marketing insights that you can use immediately.

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1.  Most practices describe themselves in one of two ways. Which of these sounds more like you?

3.  For good or bad, merging has been all the rage. We work with practices with many different goals and structures. What is your practice's goal or interest in the next few years?
Check all that apply.

4.  How motivated are the following people at your group or practice?

Your Physicians

Your Nurses

All Your Other Employees

Done! That's all we really need to get going on your free, customized health assessment. Now let us know who to send it to.

IMPORTANT: We try to reply within a few hours, if not immediately. However, it may take up to 24 hours to get you answers with some depth and thought.

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how do people feel about your brand?

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Take our free brand health screening and find out how healthy your brand is.

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Ten years running, Mentum has specialized in healthcare marketing. But they also have strong vitals in other areas like food, beverages and education as well.

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