Free Brand Health Screening

How healthy is your group or practice?

Healthcare face chart for brands from Mentum

Ironically, most healthcare brands can’t diagnose themselves objectively. It’s a hard thing to step outside your practice and look at it objectively. That’s where this free brand health screening can help.

Please answer a few, quick questions. We will send you a list of business and marketing insights that you can use immediately, no heavy sales-pitch. No obnoxious string of emails.

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1. Most practices describe themselves in one of two ways. Which of these sounds more like you?
3. How aggressively are your competitors marketing themselves?
4. For good or bad, merging has been all the rage. We work with practices with many different goals and structures. What is your practice's goal or interest in the next few years?
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IMPORTANT: We always try to reply to your free brand health screening within a few hours. However, it may take up to 24 hours to get you answers with some depth and thought.

We've been building  brands for over 30 years.

Healthcare is our passion now. But we didn't start out helping people lower their cholesterol, convincing them to screen for cancer or providing options for overactive bladders. In fact, just the opposite.