Healthcare Website Case Study

Quality information online for radiology tests like mammography, CTs and MRIs was generally very sketchy. Or worse, dry and overly clinical. This made searching for help frustrating and confusing. A startup business had a great idea for a healthcare website. And so we got to work.


Jump start a startup

In this healthcare website case study, we needed to create an easy-to-find source online that provided answers to any and all questions related to radiology.


Two views are better than one

Create a super easy-to-relate-to, single source website. Design it utilizing the two ways people learn best – with both plenty of visuals and simple language. Explain it all in a way people actually talk about it and present more than one view about each topic. React to what people really want to know about their next radiology test and are afraid or embarressed to ask their doctor about. Then dump a ton of search engine optimization (SEO) and back end dynamics to make sure it gets on the first page of anyone’s search. healthcare website case study
healthcare website case study for website case study


Over 3 million views and counting since the site’s launch, as well as a steady stream of passive revenue generated over the long-term. is by far the easiest and most informative website to get the answers you need that the doctors and hospitals won’t always tell you.


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