Hospital Loyalty Case Study

 Alexian Brothers Hospital Network

A large, community-based health system, long entrenched in the blue-collar suburbs of Chicago, was losing patients. New competitors were aggressively encroaching in on their territory.  And they were easily stealing their patients. This hospital loyalty case study brought folks back.


Fend off Competition

We needed to reconnect with the hospital’s loyal community they had tirelessly served for decades. Then re-establish the dormant feelings of family, trust and loyalty to regain the business of patients going elsewhere.


Capitalize on long earned loyalty.

Alexian was a hospital that took care of three generations of patients, all from the same families. Nobody knew them or their family’s health better. Nobdoy know the community they lived and grew up in better. In this hospital loyalty case study, we put an emphisis on local sponsorship marketing at the grassroots levels, supporting many owners who were also patients. We created campaign messages that supported the community with ways to stay healthy. And we presented it all in a tone and manner that was unique and meaningful to the people who have lived their whole lives within driving distance of the hospital itself.

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Alexian billboards hospital loyalty case study
Alexian hospital loyalty case study signs


A reversal in lapsed appointments, strong growth in awareness and the re-establishment of strong ties with the community.

“Mentum Creative is simply the bee’s knees!”

SARA ODLAND-BEYNA , Manager, Community Relations, Alexian Brothers Hospital Network

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