Pete’s Polls

Pete’s Polls started in 2009 as an informal way to conduct research for our clients. And if we’re really honest, for a little bit of fun too. Every poll is short, simple and fun.  We like to think of them like being a Gummi Bear for the brain.

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POLL 273: What cause would you march for?

POLL 272: Did you work over Labor Day weekend?

POLL 271: Have you done the ALS ice bucket challenge?

POLL 270: Have you ever posted a selfie?

POLL 269: Who would you share your lottery winnings with?

POLL 268: Which basic utility would you not want to live without?

POLL 267: How many times have you moved residences?

POLL 266: Is Facebook dead or alive?

POLL 265: Which song would you have included?

POLL 264: Are you watching more soccer now?

POLL 263: What do you think of Donald Sterling’s punishment?

POLL 262: What types of milk do you drink?

POLL 261: Do you fear or embrace new technology?

POLL 260: What should the legal drinking age be?

POLL 259: How do you check the time?

POLL 258: How much sleep do you get each night?

POLL 257: Do you believe in ghosts?

POLL 256: How old is too old to play video games?

POLL 255: How many Best Picture nominees have you seen?

POLL 254: Have you ever worn braces on your teeth?

POLL 253: Will there ever be same sex figure skating?

POLL 252: Summer or Winter – Which Olympics would you attend?

POLL 251: Would you rather live as a dog or a cat?

POLL 250: Will you get a flu shot?

POLL 249: Where would you go if you could travel through time?

POLL 248: How will selling marijuana in Denver affect the city?

POLL 247: Which New Years Resolution would you keep?

POLL 246: What’s your favorite political cartoon from 2013?

POLL 245: What’s the greatest Christmas movie ever?

POLL 244: How much holiday shopping did you do online this year?

POLL 243: Which business buzz word would you kill quickest?

POLL 242: Is your company owned by another larger company?

POLL 241: What menu would you choose for the rest of your life?

POLL 240: Are you spiritual, religious, both or neither?

POLL 239: Do the Emmy Awards affect what shows you watch?

POLL 238: Which ethnic group has the most momentum in America?

POLL 237: Which star will give their tv show the most momentum?

POLL 236: Which celebrity had the best name change?

POLL 235: Do you know what twerking is?

POLL 234: Do you ever write in cursive?

POLL 233: Is your job one that’s 9 to 5?

POLL 232: When was the last time you played a board game?

POLL 231: Have you told a lie in the past week?

POLL 230: How many Harry Potter books and movies have you seen?

POLL 229: How often do you get a new or used car?

POLL 228: Is your life busier in the summer or winter?

POLL 227: Did you watch any of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals?

POLL 226: Are you an overachiever or underachiever?

POLL 225: What kind of gambling have you done?

POLL 224: How tall or short are you?

POLL 223: Did you call your mom on Mother’s Day?

POLL 222: Which gets you further in life?

POLL 221: How many pills do you take on a daily basis?

POLL 220: How fast did you hear about the Boston Marathon tragedy?

POLL 219: How well do you sleep in hotel rooms?

POLL 218: Ever been to a Disney Theme park?

POLL 217: Will gay marriage ever be legal in America?

POLL 216: Have you ever owned a class ring?

POLL 215: Have you ever had a panic or anxiety attack?

POLL 214: How long is your work commute?

POLL 213: Have you ever had any orthodonture done?

POLL 212: Have you ever surfed or Stand Up Paddle Boarded?

POLL 211: Do you skimp on furnace filters?

POLL 210: When was your picture taken last?

POLL 209: Have you seen a Super Bowl ad before it aired on the Super Bowl?

POLL 208: Would Martin Luther King Jr. be proud of America?

POLL 207: Do you believe in Global Warming?

POLL 206: Is Starbucks worth the price?

POLL 205: Did you stay up New Year’s Eve?

POLL 204: Nature vs. Nurture?

POLL 203: What would you like from work in 2013?

POLL 202: Which of these logos is the most clever?

POLL 201: When was the last time you ate a Twinkie?

POLL 200: How far away is your doctor?

POLL 199: Which is your favorite sandwich?

POLL 198: Which stage of life would you do over?

POLL 197: What home improvements have you had help with?

POLL 196: Is The Wizard of Oz obsolete?

POLL 195: What type of wishes do you make?

POLL 194: Have you ever played Paintball?

POLL 193: Is it ever okay to drink underage?

POLL 192: Did we peak at NASA sending a man to the moon?

POLL 191: Do you have a blog or website?

POLL 190: Does anyone in your house own a gun?

POLL 189: Do you know much about Sikhs?

POLL 188: Who played the best Batman?

POLL 187: Which products are NOT trademarked?

POLL 186: Which honor would you choose?

POLL 185: Rerun a race or flip a coin?

POLL 184: Where is the best pizza from?

POLL 183: How should justice be measured?

POLL 182: Which Summer Olympic sport would you cut?

POLL 181: Which of these is the best phone pic?

POLL 180: What type of person are you by nature?

POLL 179: How many pictures do you keep on your mobile phone?

POLL 178: Do you live to work or work to live?

POLL 177: Where’s your best talent found?

POLL 176: What comes first in your life?

POLL 175: Broccoli a superfood or super gross?

POLL 174: Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?

POLL 173: Who are funerals really for?

POLL 172: What is the busiest time of your day?

POLL 171: Which is healthier for you – work or home?

POLL 170: Which Oscar nominations have you seen?

POLL 169: Do we still need pennies?

POLL 168: I think candy hearts are…?

POLL 167: Would you go back to your same college?

POLL 166: Would you consider the internet now a utility?

POLL 165: What’s your favorite cut of steak?

POLL 164: How often do you use an ATM machine?

POLL 163: Do MRIs make you claustrophobic?

POLL 162: Are you ready to go back to work?

POLL 161: Favorite magazine cover in 2011?

POLL 160: What’s your cure for a hangover?

POLL 159: Are you better off than your parents were at this age?

POLL 158: Saving X-rays of celebrities is…?

POLL 157: Did you buy anything Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

POLL 156: Who would you invite for Thanksgiving dinner?

POLL 155: Which brochure design do you like best?

POLL 154: Do you know someone who died of AIDS?

POLL 153: What is your favorite candy bar?

POLL 152: Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

POLL 151: Ever had food poisoning or a foodborne illness?

POLL 150: Which of contributions from Steve Jobs’ will be his most influential?

POLL 149: What influences your lunch plans most?

POLL 148: Should girls be required by law to get vaccinated?

POLL 147: Funniest line in a tv commercial?

POLL 146: What time do most people fall asleep?

POLL 145: Should a MLK quote be paraphrased on his monument

POLL 144: Which corporate mascot was the most disturbing?

POLL 143: Would you give personal info for money?

POLL 142: Number of TVs in your home?

POLL 141: What is your favorite amusement park ride?

POLL 140: Best advice for a high school student?


POLL 139: What gender is your boss?

POLL 138: Did you watch the woman’s world cup?

POLL 137: Which logo do you like best?

POLL 136: Do you believe in Karma?

POLL 135: Street smart or book smart?

POLL 134: Which color of wine do you prefer?

POLL 133: The Mafia (in real life and in movies) are…

POLL 132: What is your main criteria when planning a vacation?

POLL 131: When summer comes…

POLL 130: Would you ever walk naked on a nude beach?

POLL 129: How many stickers do you have on your car?

POLL 128: Which have these official U.S. monuments have you seen in person?

POLL 127: The future of 3D television will be…

POLL 126: What gets you started in the morning?

POLL 125: Where are you with your 2010 taxes?

POLL 124: Have you ever stiffed a waiter or waitress?

POLL 123: Are the time changes twice a year a help of hindrance?

POLL 122: How invested are you in this year’s NCAA baskebell tournaments?

POLL 121: What is your worst cell phone peeve?

POLL 120: How many of the films nominated for Best Picture have you seen?

POLL 119: If the doctor you trusted recommended acupuncture, would you try it?

POLL 118: Do you tweet on Twitter?

POLL 117: Unavailable

POLL 116: My Superbowl pick would be…

POLL 115: Have you taken steps to trace your ancestry?

POLL 114: Which Forrest Gump way of life do you think you are living?

POLL 113: Are you a cat or a dog person?

POLL 112: Will you stay of the safe side of the sidewalk this year or venture across the street?

POLL 111: How would you rate your 2010?

POLL 110: What is your favorite flavor of pie?

POLL 109: Did you get a flu shot this year?

POLL 108: Seeing the first snowfall will make me feel…

POLL 107: Unavailable

POLL 106: Which of these lasts longer – the pain of having lost or the joy of having won?

POLL 105: My closest friend of a race of ethnicity other than my own would be…

POLL 104: How many times in the past seven days have you eaten seafood?

POLL 103: Have you ever raked your leaves into someone else’s yard?

POLL 102: Do you believe love at first sight is possible or can it only be infatuation?

POLL 101: How deep is your religious knowledge?

POLL 100: OUR 100th POLL! We need your insights…

POLL 99: Including breakfast, lunch and dinner, how many meals do you eat from a restaurant each week?

POLL 98: Do you belong to a health club, fitness center, gym, YMCA or yoga studio?

POLL 97: How much sway do drug makers have over Doctors?

POLL 96: Tell us what makes these celebrities beautiful.

POLL 95: On average, do you know your blood pressure?

POLL 94: How far away did you travel on a vacation this year?

POLL 93: Which would you do – accept a guaranteed gift of $500 or gamble risking a coin toss that would give you $1,000 for heads and nothing for tails?

POLL 92: How many x-rays (besides dental x-rays) have you had in your life?

POLL 91: Which of these professions would you like to have as a close relative?

POLL 90: You’re stuck in a mine shaft. (sorry) Who do you want to help you get out?

POLL 89: Which member of a famous rock band would you want to be?

POLL 88: Do you know someone personally who has dealt with breast cancer?

POLL 87: Do you prefer dark, white or milk chocolate?

POLL 86: If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?

POLL 85: If you had to take the tests today without studying, how many of these scouting badges could you earn?

POLL 84: My opinions of windmills popping up on our landscapes are…

POLL 83: If you could only have a television, a cell phone or the internet, which would you choose?

POLL 82: Which is the biggest key to any success?

POLL 81: Which of these criteria would you use to pick a doctor?

POLL 80: When looking for health info, where do you search first?

POLL 79: How did you prepare your taxes this year?

POLL 78: Which of these three shows would you last the longest?

POLL 77: If it would have been available to him, would Jesus have used PowerPoint?

POLL 76: Of these groups snubbed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which would get your vote?

POLL 75: Which of these Oscar winning movies have you seen?

POLL 74: Have you ever bought something, used it, and then returned it without anything being wrong with it?

POLL 73: Summer or Winter – Which is your favorite Olympics?

POLL 72: Would you rather know something that would alter your life before it happens or would you rather go through life not knowing?

POLL 71: If you could go back ten years and relive the entire month of February 2000, would you?

POLL 70: Which of these do you consider the biggest ‘rip-off’?

POLL 69: Which of these brands of coffee do you like best?

POLL 68: Who currently brings home the most income in your household?

POLL 67: Do you have a tattoo on your body?

POLL 66: The coldest weather I’ve ever eedn in was…

POLL 65: Would you choose your child’s gender?

POLL 64: When it comes to those energy efficient light bulbs…

POLL 63: Of this top 10 list, which is your favorite board game?

POLL 62: Which of these logo directions for a health and wellness client do you like best?

POLL 61: Which of these ‘Top 10 places to see in America’ have you seen?

POLL 60: Do you believe life exists within our universe?

POLL 59: Which pumpkin should be our 2009 contest winner?

POLL 58: Is this glass half full or half empty?

POLL 57: On Halloween night, I prefer to…

POLL 56: If you judge how you’ve lived in this world by the Boy Scout creed, “Leave every campground cleaner than how you came to it,” how do you think you’ve done?

POLL 55: The decade that created the best music was…

POLL 54: The best trait two people living together can enjoy is…

POLL 53: How often do you flip through a newspaper?

POLL 52: Have you ever been in an actual physical fight?

POLL 51: What is the average time of your daily commute from door to door?

POLL 50: How many times a week do you cook a meal?

POLL 49: Unavailable

POLL 48: How do you view the vehicle you are currently driving?

POLL 47: Of all the teachers you’ve ever had, which one made the most impact on you?

POLL 46: Which of these is your biggest fear

POLL 45: It’s become clear you need to see a chiropractor and a doctor has given you some names to choose from. How would you pick?

POLL 44: Your favorite way to eat a marshmallow is…

POLL 43: My current status on smoking is…

POLL 42: If you could have one set of chores magically done for you, which would you choose?

POLL 41: What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run without stopping?

POLL 40: What did your first boss teach you?

POLL 39: If you life this past month was a movie, what category would it be in?

POLL 38: If you could marry into any family, which would you choose?

POLL 37: Where would your dream retirement home be?

POLL 36: Do you know someone who served or is serving in our country’s Armed Forces?

POLL 35: What bit of advice would you give someone graduating today?

POLL 34: If you had to eat food from another nationality for an entire year, which would you pick?

POLL 33: How many times have you changed jobs in your life?

POLL 32: If you could only vacation in one state the rest of your life, which would it be?

POLL 31: How many different cities (not houses) have you lived in throughout your life?

POLL 30: Besides bills, could you go one full day of your life without spending a single penny?

POLL 29: If you could live in any other period of time, which would you pick?

POLL 28: I get through tough times by…

POLL 27: What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

POLL 26: If you found out for certain there is a heaven and hell, how much of your life would you change?

POLL 25: Who is your favorite late night show host?

POLL 24: The end of production for Hummer would be…

POLL 23: Would you rather be the best player on the worst team or the worst player on the best team?

POLL 22: Which place other than your lips would you like to be kissed this Valentine’s Day?

POLL 21: If you could look into a crystal ball and see just one section of a newspaper 25 years from now, what section would you want to see?

POLL 20: If the snooze button on your alarm clock charged two dollars per use, would you use it?

POLL 19: Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever used a Walgreen’s or CVS clinic?

POLL 18: Which of these words of wisdom from Abraham Lincoln would you place on the next President’s desk?

POLL 17: If you were only allowed to eat at one fast food restaurant this entire year, which one would it be?

POLL 16: Who are you planning on kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

POLL 15: Which of these magazines gets your nod for cover of the year?

POLL 14: How much do you intend to spend on your spouse/significant other this holiday?

POLL 13: If one of these fortunes could actually come true, which would you pick?

POLL 12: What would the child you once were think of the adult you’ve become?

POLL 11: Do you consider yourself a citizen of your town/city, your country or the world?

POLL 10: Who are you voting for this November 4th?

POLL 9: Which of these album covers do you like best?

POLL 8: How many slices of pizza make a meal?

POLL 7: In which sport can a coach most effect the game’s outcome?

POLL 6: If granted the wish, would you rather have more brains, more beauty or more chutspah?

POLL 5: In honor of the Emmys, which television show had the best theme song?

POLL 4: Which superpower would you rather have – Extraordinary hearing or the ability to detect lies?

POLL 3: Which is the worst type of handshake?

POLL 2: Would you rather have a 20% raise or a four day work week?

POLL 1: Who played the best President in the movies or on television?

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