Stagnant Growth Case Study

 Meridian Medical Associates

A multi-discipline medical practice of 500+ employees had grown both physically and on paper by acquiring other doctor groups. Unfortunately, their overall revenue did not nearly match that same growth rate. This stagnant growth case study improved their bottom line and a lot more


Stop Losing Patients

We needed to stop the unnecassary leak of patients being referred outside of the practice from doctors who didn’t know their newly acquired colleagues, nor the services and expertise they could provide.


Inside Out Communications

After years of acquisitions, employees working at multiple different locations were annexed off from each other. Nobody really knew what the company was as a whole or even offered anymore. Patients were referred outside the company simply because nobody know there was an option to refer them internally. Each location had their own logo and identity and materials – none of which matched. Our solutions included a weekly, internal, multi-faceted campaign presenting surprising information about fellow colleagues and what they provided sparked the doctors, nurses and the entire staff to get to know, understand and work better with each other. New branding and a new identity was implimented throughout the company. These changes proved to be more successful than ever imagined.

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Meridian stagnant growth case study ads
stagnant growth case study Meridian ads


Reversal in patient loss. Upsurge in practice solidarity. Dramatic increase in satisfaction scores from both patients and staff.

Peter is the most creative person I know. He has done a great job for our company.

DR. MIKE COHEN , Past President, Meridian Medical Associates & Upper Extremity Surgeon, DuPage Medical Group

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