There’s no better media for invoking emotions than videos to change how people think about your brand.

Our Latest

Cancer Center Videos

The 15th anniversary of a Chicago area prostate cancer center sparked an opportunity to showcase this oncology team’s unique manner of treating not just the cancer, but the patients themselves.

New Music Videos

Three different music videos and five interviews, all filmed in one day, for Chicago blues artist Joanna Connor for the release of her latest album. Produced by Joe Bonamassa.

Physician Videos

This series of interviews with Chicagoland urologists and nurse practitioners has created a more personal connection with patients. These videos give a better insight into the person they will meet when showing up for their first appointment.

And Greatest

Cancer Survivor Testimonial

This inspirational testimonial of a prostate cancer survivor was created for a small urology group with a Cancer Center of Excellence. His emotional and touching story connected with viewers online and established trust with the Center and staff and became their most frequently watched form of communication.

Rare Interviews with American Blues Legends

Filmed and edited for The Reva and David Logan Center Blues Fest, these three long-format videos captured personal insights into some legendary, Hall of Fame musical careers. Mark Naftalin of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, interviewed by Dick Shurman. Wee Willie Walker and Terri Odabi interviewed by Mike Kappus.

Baseball Vasectomy Video

This video for a rising vasectomy clinic aired at every Joliet Jackhammers home baseball game in between innings and raised a lot of awareness and interest. A simple question was posed to each player, “How many kids would you like to have someday?”

Valentines Videos for MonaLisa Touch

Three somewhat steamy videos were used to generate new leads in a period leading up to Valentine’s Day. Their ‘wink and a smile’ tone and approach for a sensitive subject – laser treatment therapy helping women with pelvic health and intimacy issues – worked wonders and generated a record number of online hits, likes and leads.

Library of Physician Bios

Over eighteen Doctors, Urologists, Nurses and Providers were interviewed over the course of a long weekend, providing a library of footage for a top Urology Group in Chicago to draw from. Over 80 videos to date have been edited and leveraged on their website, social media pages and other media outlets, helping patients with being able to choose their doctor by connecting with the person behind the resume.

All Our Work

Back in our Michigan Avenue ad agency days, we were known to have knocked one or two out of the park. Some of these award winning campaigns now seem as archaic as a yahoo email address. But these blasts from the past moved a lot of business for a lot of our clients.

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