Most ten year olds would like the latest XBox and a loud party to celebrate. We’ll just quietly bask in the realization we made it this far. Plus, there’s some controversy to the actual date and time of our anniversary.

Some would argue the true birthday became official when we got our EIN number. Others say it was the day we left our last corporate ad agency job. In either case, it’s been 10 years now and honestly, we’re just thrilled we’ve lasted more than 10 months.

As far as we’re concerned we’d like to make it another ten. Actually eleven. We hear twenty-first birthday parties are pretty good.

Peter Griffith - Cartoon

Peter Griffith is the founder or Mentum and long-time Chicago Bears fan. His need to create exceptional work is driven 60% by the college tuitions of his three kids, 9% so he can go scuba diving somewhere he hasn’t been before, 1% to be able to afford a good bowl of ramen and the rest equally divided by both the desire to make people laugh and the fear of being laughed at. If you’re interested, his official resume can be gawked at here.

The artwork here was done by Jeff York, an extraordinary creative director, co-worker friend and mentor of Pete.